Luxurious and unique - A DIAMOND IS IMMORTAL

They are a symbol to always be in step with fashion: great carat diamonds. Designed for jewelry with star qualities, they are without a doubt the brightest stars in the jewelry sky. The diamond is a gemstone that, despite its immense popularity, has never lost its exclusivity. But how much does "a young lady's best friend" cost?

Always in the spotlight - mysterious glittering jewelry

Even the smallest shining brilliance expresses luxury. At 123GOLD you can find a diamond ring with very good qualities, starting from 239, - Euro. It is made of 925 silver and is equipped with a gentle brilliant of 0.1 carat. A one-carat Platinum diamond, included in the Premium selection, is found in comparison with it rather in the upper price segment. Faultless shine, perfect symmetry and the best polishing quality, characterize the GIA-certified brilliants, which, framed in the best quality Platinum, become true masterpieces at 123GOLD.

But for a long time, the diamond is no longer just an ornament for the most precious jewelry. Already many years ago, diamonds were discovered as a successful alternative to conventional investment strategies. While the stock packages have suffered some declines over time, the diamond investment has not fluctuated dramatically over the years. How the value and price of diamonds evolve depends a lot on the supply and the demand - but what matters most is the size, color and purity of the stone/jewel.

An immortal jewel/stone - DIAMONDS AT THE BEST PRICE

In general, the price of diamonds increases in proportion to their size. Large specimens are becoming less and less common. Precisely because of this, their price is so high. On the other hand, a diamond with fewer carats is much easier to sell. In any case, experts agree: if the price of diamonds stagnates in the next period, we will have to consider an increase in the price in the next two years. This is due to the fact that many old mines will gradually close, and the supply of natural diamonds will decline.

No matter what shape of diamond or carat you have decided on: we want you to enjoy the chosen jewel for a lifetime. And if your diamond jewelry not only delighted you with its high quality, refined shape and top workmanship, but is also designed as a special investment, then you should give uncompromising value to a suitable certificate. Because only the seal certified by a renowned certification institute guarantees the authenticity of a gemstone. For this reason, the 123GOLD diamonds are exclusively accompanied by a top international certificate from GIA, whose certification criteria are very rigorous and recognized worldwide. Your advantage: you can buy these certified diamonds from 123GOLD at the best price.