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Memoire Rings - Diamond rings for unforgettable moments

The Memoire rings fit perfectly to symbolically immortalize important moments in life. The gemstones, usually brilliant, are caught in the rails of the symmetrical-width rings.
For special occasions such as the wedding day or the birth of a child, other diamonds can be caught later.
Usually, the Memoire rings are provided in the first phase with 3-5 stones, and then they can be gradually ennobled with diamonds all around.

The Memoire rings can also be worn as wedding rings. The Memoire ring is a very special ring, which you can enjoy every time and which will shine brighter and brighter as you add stones over time.
At us you can also find Memoire rings already fully plated (diamond crowns), which fit wonderfully as wedding rings, but also as intermediate rings or engagement rings. The Memoire rings are versatile and will accompany you for a lifetime.