A grooves is a narrow seam between two parts or materials.

In wedding rings or jewellery, grooves are used to separate different alloys from each other in an optically clean way. Sometimes they are necessary from a production point of view, often they serve for embellishment.

A groove can be V- U- or angular in profile, also called v- joint, u- joint or shadow joint. The grooves can be matted as desired. In addition, various shapes of reliefs and milling lines are also possible, which can be applied to the ring at various positions.

In most cases, the grooves run along the ring bands. However, there are also curved, saturn or wave grooves depending on the amplitude. Eccentric zig-zag grooves are also possible at 123GOLD.

A special highlight can be created when different design elements such as several wavy grooves are combined with each other. This creates special rings for special relationships.

The different types of grooves are available in several widths. The finest groove is 0.3mm narrow, the widest groove is 3.4mm wide. Get inspired, the possibilities are endless!

Other possibilities

Other possibilities