The individual character of your ring is largely determined by its finishes area. With us, depending on brand and collection, you have the choice between polished finishes and different matted variants.

Polishing rings is at the very end of the production process and is still manual labor today. The finish of the ring is thereby smoothed in an artisanal manner on rotating polishing discs. This creates the unique shine of polished rings.

Matting, on the other hand, reduces the shine of the ring. The finish becomes rougher and, depending on the direction in which the matting is carried out, acquires a completely individual style. We therefore offer vertically, across, horizontally or lengthwise as well as diagonally or obliquely matted rings. A special motif such as sand mat is reminiscent of secluded beaches and, depending on the fineness, gives a special effect.

More striking finishes include hammered, ice matte, chin-chin and crushed ice. These allow the design of unusual and expressive rings..

The most popular finishes in our experience are polished, longitudinally matted and sand mat or a combination of these treatments. The luster of a polished finish can be brought out by rubbing it with a soft cloth. Special sponges are available for caring for matted finishes.

Here we have our best maintenance tips For your individual love symbols summarized.

That jewellery will show signs of use over time is unfortunately inevitable. Rings have to endure a lot in everyday life. We therefore recommend that the symbol of your love, fidelity and friendship be given a new shine by an expert from time to time.

Other possibilities

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