Not only width and height define the comfort and stability of a ring. Important for the wearing comfort is the profile.

At 123GOLD, we place great value on perfect profile that fit themselves on the finger and do not distract. You can choose from a straight inside and/or outside, more or less curved shapes or a combinations of these. In addition, there are slightly tapered, curved, sloping or straight sides. The wider shapes on the side are perfect for setting stone settings there. In total, 123GOLD offers 14 different profile shapes. What they all have in common is their high wearing comfort.

The acredo brand includes a total of 18 profiles. Six of these profiles are lighter in weight. The other 12 profiles are voluminous and offer the highest level of comfort. All acredo profiles are manufactured with the highest precision using the latest technology.

The Baldessarini, Eduard G.Fidel, eternal touch and Merii wedding rings also have their own profile shapes. Here, the profiles reflect the statement of the brand in each case. In addition, they are matched to the materials in question.

Take your time and feel the different profile at our 123GOLD partners.

Other possibilities

Get inspired by our wedding ring profiles.