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Ring size based on the circumference of the finger

Determine ring sizes based on the circumference of the finger

One of the easiest ways to find out the size of the ring is to measure it with a thread. Place the thread around your finger where the ring will be placed later. You need to keep in mind that the thread must pass over the wrist of the finger, because in some people the middle of the fingers is thicker than the root of the ring. Then you can tie the thread and cut its ends where they come together. You can then hold this piece of thread stretched and thus identify the size of the ring. At a length of 6.2cm (62mm), we are talking about an approximate size of the ring of 62. This value is sufficient for us as an indicator, to display our collection of wide rings of this size or a similar one, in case of an online order. We have wide rings between sizes 45 and 74. As soon as we receive the approximate size from you, we will be able to send you the right wide rings based on the offer or your order.

More information about our wide ring service can be found in the FAQ section here.

Ring size based on the diameter

Determine ring size based on diameter

For this method you need a ring that fits snugly on the person's finger, who will wear the ring later. This method of measurement is especially indicated when you want to ask your future wife for marriage and you want to find out the size of an engagement ring that will fit perfectly on her finger.

Ideally, the ring you use to measure should have the same shape as the ring of your choice. Measure the inner diameter of the ring with a caliper, then multiply the result by 3.14 and then find the inner circumference of the ring in mm. An inner circumference of 55 mm corresponds to a ring size of 55. Instead of a caliper, you can also use a coiled sheet of paper, which you can roll inside the ring rail, and then measure its length.

If you do not have a caliper available, then you can find out the size of the ring using our ring size stencil.

Do you want to measure the size of the ring more accurately? Then you can do this simply with ring size stencil or with our ring stick :

Important: Your fingers may suffer from influences such as heat/cold, time of day, fluid intake, or the practice of certain sports (such as tennis, handball), and the circumference may change. We recommend that you test the ring size for a day or two. The ring is optimally suitable when it enters the finger easily and when it has little resistance to removal from the finger.

If you know the size of the ring according to international size indicators, such as American ring widths, you can use our ring size chart or our converter to find out the ring size in Germany:

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