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Why Platinum engagement rings?

Exclusivity, longevity and high purity are just some of the most important features of Platinum. If you have opted for a white engagement ring, then Platinum is exactly what you need! Platinum does not show any discoloration and due to its high purity (950/-), it is very durable and consistent.

The most precious metal for the question of the questions: Platinum 950/- engagement rings

Platinum 950/- is the purest of the precious metals and is perfect for the special event of an engagement. No other metal has such a high degree of purity as Platinum 950/-. Even fine Gold only reaches the title of 916/-. Thus Platinum 950/- is one of the most resistant metals against material dislocation and guarantees the highest strength and durability of the ring. On top of that, Platinum deposits are rarer than Gold deposits, which makes Platinum a special and very valuable precious metal. The Platinum 950/- engagement rings are the perfect choice for a special love that will last for a lifetime.

PlatinRiver and PlatinGold

Platinum is distinguished not only by its high quality, but also by its elegant and exclusive color. The Acredo brand specializes exclusively in Platinum alloys and offers you through PlatinRiver the whitest, and through PlatinGold the most precious alloy of all Platinum alloys. RiverPlatin has a Yellow index of 7.0. PlatinGold contains, in addition to the 950 parts of Platinum, also 18 parts of Gold. You won't find a richer variety of Platinum alloys like 123GOLD anywhere!

The best materials at unbeatable prices: Platinum 600/- engagement rings

Not always is the budget as big as love. However, you can give your loved one the best material at the best price. Platinum 600/- is a little darker in color than Platinum 950/-, but has almost the same features. Platinum 600/- is more valuable than Gold 750/-, but it is cheaper than Platinum 950/-.