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You ask questions - we answer.

Choose the rings you want from our collections. Place them in the configurator to make individual changes. Click on -quote request-. Then you will receive your individual customer number and you will have access to our customer platform. You will be able to change the rings saved in the offer at any time and you will receive the updated price displayed each time. Only when you place the order will the price be set.
In Germany, the wedding rings can be worn on the ring finger of the right hand, and engagement rings on the ring finger of the left hand.

The size of the rings is not always the same! Depending on the shape and width of the ring, the wearing comfort may vary.

If unfortunately you do not know the size of your ring, please surround the place on your finger, where the ring will come, with a thread. This value is enough for us to start, so that we can send you large samples by mail. Our wide ring service is free for you.

If you know another dimension of the ring, such as the diameter or the American circumference of the ring, you can tell us about it as well.
For wedding rings with a size greater than or equal to 68, we will calculate an addition for more material and higher production costs.

Base price of the ring
(a ring without stone(s))
per width over 67
Up to 400 Euro 20 Euro
401 up to 600 Euro 25 Euro
601 up to 800 Euro 30 Euro
801 up to 1,200 Euro 40 Euro
From 1,201 Euro 50 Euro

For the rings within our jewellery program, we will calculate starting from a width of 60 an addition, which we will communicate to you, upon request.
We have wide rings with sizes between 45 and 74. From the moment we receive an approximate size from you, based on your offer or request, we can send you the right wide rings.

Our wide rings are free for you. You will receive them by mail. We will send you two or three rings per person. Please send them back to us after you wear them for trial (max. 14 days). In order to send it back, we always provide you with an envelope already provided with our address!

Ring size service costs:

  • In Germany: EUR 1.60
  • Outside Germany: return postage for a maxi envelope - however, we will only send wide rings abroad when there is a firm order.

Please send us back the wide rings within 14 days. For each non-returned ring, we will calculate 15, - €.

IMPORTANT: Your fingers may be affected by influences such as heat/cold, time of the day, fluid intake, or the exercise of certain sports (e.g., tennis, handball) and may change their circumference. These must be taken into account when determining the size of the rings!

We recommend that you test the size of the rings for two days. The ring will fit optimally, when it can be pushed lightly on the finger and when it offers little resistance to removing it from the finger.
A very special service when ordering wedding rings is that of samples. If you want to preview the chosen rings, you will be able to order them, starting with an order value of 800 Euro, as fake samples. Fake samples give you a more accurate picture of your rings.

The standard fake sample corresponds to the ring you choose in terms of shape, width, height and size and is silver in color! So you will not see any colors like yellow, red, gray etc.

Costs for sample service:

  • Standard false sample: 40 Euro per ring sample
  • the return, if you send us back the sample rings for settlement.

If you want to order designs which are different than the standard sample ring, such as joint, stone cladding, engraving, special finishess then you can do it for an addition.

For making your sample rings we need approx. 14 days.

We recommend that you check the size of the rings beforehand with our wide rings.

We offer you several possibilities to engrave your wedding rings.

  • Laser engraving on the inside of the ring (standard writing): please look for the type of writing you want from our available models! Costs per ring: 10,- EUR.
  • Laser engraving on the inside of the ring (individual): In the case of this high quality variant, you will be able to laser engrave everything on the inside of your ring, from your handwriting to special signs and designs. We will only need a model from you. Ask us, we will be happy to help you. Costs per ring: 50,- EUR.
  • Laser engraving on the outside or on the side of the ring, on the edge. And in this case we need a model from you. Costs per ring: 100, - EUR.
  • Laser engraving of the fingerprint: 100,- EUR per ring. (Recommended on a ring width starting with 6mm)
  • For jewellery rings and engagement rings we offer a laser engraving on the inside of the ring. Costs per ring: 50,- EUR.

What you want to engrave, of course, is just your choice. The classic:

  • Partner's name and
  • wedding date
Many couples already surprised us with great ideas. Give a free hand to your imagination...

As a payment method we accept payment in advance by transfer, credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or PayPal. Pay in advance because at 123GOLD, every wedding ring and every piece of jewellery is made by us and according to the specifications you want.

You will pay according to the following scheme:

  • Upon order you will pay at least 50% of the contract value.
  • As soon as the rings or jewellery are produced, you will receive a message from us. And only after the end of the production will you pay the rest of the amount.
  • As soon as we post the payment receipt, we will deliver your order.
You will obtain our bank details once the order is confirmed.

Please note: The production of the ordered goods can be charged only after our account has been credited with 50% of the contract value. And the delivery of the ordered goods will take place only after the entry of the payment for the total value of the order.
We will deliver your order in the form of a shipment provided by the UPS courier service. Delivery will take place from Monday to Friday. The courier will need a signature.

Within Germany:

  • No shipping costs

Within the EU:

  • Shipping costs will be charged from UPS depending on each order ‚ starting with 45‚− EUR

Shipping to Switzerland:

  • 65 Euro with customs clearance; The refund of German VAT will take place after obtaining the receipt for payment of the Swiss VAT.

Worldwide shipping:

  • Shipping costs must be requested - for this we need the full address.
For the production of your wedding rings we need 2 to 5 weeks, depending on which model you have chosen and depending on how requested our manufacturers are. In the order confirmation we will also communicate the advance delivery time. Normally, production is completed within 14 days of receiving the advance payment.

If we have to hurry: we will be happy to deliver your wedding rings or jewellery to you immediately. Please call us so we can arrange a quick order!

Even more service

In addition to video consultation, we offer a variety of unique services

Starter package

Starter package

Start designing your wedding rings at home

Request for free
Ring size service

Ring size service

You will receive a selection of ring size samples to try on

Determine ring sizes
Individual sample rings

Individual sample rings

Order your wedding rings as a sample to try on

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